"Licensed massage therapist Robyn Rubenstein conducts something of a traveling healing show, bringing on-site relaxation to corporate leaders, rejuvenating frazzled waiters, and putting performers back in motion. A native Texan and dancer, Rubenstein has been hands-on with New York clients since 1992, both operating out of her Midtown studio and making house calls. A yogi herself, the masseuse incorporates the practice into her trademark Thai Yoga massage method, in which she leads her client through a series of guided stretches (she poses your body for you) to more deeply engage the muscles. She also performs prenatal, craniosacral, trigger point, shiatsu, deep tissue, and reflexology treatments, all with a focus more on rehabilitating injuries and aches than on simple relaxation. Perhaps the most valuable part of her gypsy-like existence as a masseuse is her allowance for customization for each client: Her “singer” massages find her rubbing throats and jaws back to stage-ready status."

- New York Magazine
"I have had several Thai massages from Robyn and really derive a lot of benefit from each 1.5 hour session. She offers single Thai massages or you can purchase a series that is designed to work on different parts of the body with different techniques over several sessions - I recommend the latter if you have the time and budget. Much better and more personalized service then you get in a spa. And Robyn’s knowledge of nutrition and posture has helped me improve how I take care of myself outside the session."

- Kelly R.
"Robyn is nurturing and embodies both strength and sensitivity. I never need to tell her much, she knows exactly which areas to target. Robyn is not only MY ‘go-to’ person for massage but she’s also my ‘go-to’ person for patient referrals. I’ve referred her over a dozen patients within the past 6 years. Robyn works late, makes house calls and works Sundays—adding convenience to anyone’s busy and last-minute schedule. I can’t say enough great things about Robyn— as a therapist, and as a colleague"

- Iris N.


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